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The sandhill crane (Antigone canadensis) is a species of large crane of North America and extreme northeastern Siberia. The common name of this bird refers to habitat like that at the Platte River, on the edge of Nebraska’s Sandhills on the American Plains. This is the most important stopover area for the nominotypical subspecies, the lesser sandhill crane (Antigone canadensis canadensis), with up to 450,000 of these birds migrating through annually..

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canada goose jackets How comes it? do they grow rusty?Ros.Ham. What, are they children? who maintains how are they escoted [i. E., paid]? Will they pursue the quality [i. The plumage of the adults is white with dark wing tips, with colours that range from brown to black. The colour of the head, cheeks and side of the neck depends on the season and the individual; during breeding, the head and neck are brushed in a delicate yellow, although this colouring may not be evident in some individuals.[6] The feathers are waterproof, which allows the birds to spend long periods in water. A water impermeable secretion produced by a sebaceous gland covers the feathers and the birds spread it across their body using their beak or their head.[7] The eye is light blue, and it is surrounded by bare, black skin, which gives the birds their characteristic facial expression.. canada goose jackets

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